Our Products

We’ve got everything under the Sun

When selecting products, most stores focus on profits and popularity while overlooking the importance of ingredients and health. At Native Sun every product we provide to our customers undergoes a thorough review process to try and rule out the presence of GMOs, additives, synthetics, and other ingredients that don’t meet our standards.

Shop with us and you’ll find organic produce, grass fed meats, organic dairy, and an abundance of organic and natural products to maintain your healthy lifestyle! We’re happy to accommodate special orders and have plenty of products to meet your special dietary needs.

Looking for a product? Download and complete our Product Request Form to request products that we do not carry or that we have carried in the past.

Vendors, Brokers, and Reps
Use our Grocery Product Review Request or HBC Supplement Product Review Request to begin the review process.

For beer, wine and cider, use the Beer Wine Cider Product Review Request to begin the review process.

Submit completed product forms to customer service at any store location or email to purchasing@nativesunjax.com

Bulk/Dry Goods

We stock a variety of bulk and packaged nuts, granolas, rice, beans, legumes, seeds, trail mix, grains, pastas, dry mixes, tabouli, hummus, candies, dried fruits, peanut butter, coffee, flour, sugar, salt and other essentials.

Dairy/Non Dairy

Aside from traditional organic dairy products like milk, cheeses, and yogurts, we stock hundreds of dairy-free options for those on vegan and lactose-free diets.

Frozen Food

Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our selection of natural and organic frozen food combines on-the-go convenience with the quality and comfort of a home-cooked meal.


Searching for staple foods like bread, pasta, flour, cereal, nut butters, juices, cooking oils, and more? At Native Sun, our aisles are packed with everything you’d expect to find at a conventional grocery store less the chemicals, artificial preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO ingredients.

Health and Beauty

Treat your body right while minimizing the amount of harmful chemicals, harsh dyes, synthetics, and other unwanted ingredients you put on your skin. We strive to offer you the cleanest Health and Beauty Care on the market.


Recycled paper products, environmentally friendly cleaning agents, organic pet supplies, and more!

Meat, Poultry, & Fish

We carry only all-natural and organic meats free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMO ingredients. Our meat and poultry comes from animals raised in open-air environments on clean diets of natural or organic feed. In addition, we verify that our finfish are hook and line caught and our shellfish are harvested using sustainable methods.


Unlike other grocers, we don’t think produce grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers should be an option. We only carry organic. Our colorful assortment of 100% organic produce fluctuates with the seasons, giving you access to the finest local fruits and vegetables available throughout the year.

Vitamins and Supplements

With focus on heart health, immune support, weight-management, and other prominent health needs, we stock an extensive selection of homeopathic, vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements formulated to help support your wellbeing.